Police officer confirms six dead in rally car crash in Spain

Galicia’s chief of traffic confirms the deaths of six people after a rally car veered into the crowd during a race on Saturday.

CARRAL, A CORUNA, SPAIN (SEPTEMBER 6, 2015) (FORTA) – Galicia’s Chief of Traffic confirmed on Sunday (September 6) that six people died after a rally car veered into the crowd during a race in northwestern Spain.

The driver skidded off the track, killing four women, two of whom were pregnant, and two men, one of whom is the partner of one of the deceased women.

“The car left the road on the right and knocked down people who were watching the rally. We sadly now confirm that six people have died,” Francisco Javier Molano Martin, Chief of Traffic in Galicia, told the press shortly after the accident.

The deceased were put in coffins and taken away in hearses in the early hours of Sunday.

Another eleven people are still being treated in various hospitals with six of those in a serious condition, according to local authorities. Several children are among those injured.

It is being reported in Spanish media that the driver, Sergio Tabeayo Sande, and his co-pilot, Luis Prego, are from the area where the accident took place.

Both were treated for minor injuries and have been speaking to psychologists following the accident.

The accident happened near the town of Carral in the province of A Coruña at approximately 19.30 CEST (17.30 GMT) on Saturday evening (September 5) when the driver of a Peugeot 206 XS rally car entered a bend in the road at high speed and lost control of the vehicle.

The site was packed with spectators when the crash happened.

Television footage showed a rally car careering off a woodland track into a throng of onlookers in a cloud of dust.

The rally car was towed away as an investigation into the accident got underway.

Authorities confirmed that the correct safety procedures appeared to have been in place prior to the accident.

“The safety measures at the rally had been checked. The driver’s documents and the state of the vehicle were checked. Everything was fine. But despite all that, these things happen,” explained Francisco Javier Molano Martin.

A total of 130 competitors were taking part in the rally, which has a loyal following in the north-western region of Galicia. It was immediately suspended following the accident and local authorities are carrying out an investigation.

“The Coruña Rally is in mourning. My deepest condolences to the bereaved and wishes for a complete recovery of those injured,” Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, who is from Galicia, said on his official Twitter feed.

Towns near to the accident held a five minute silence on Sunday in memory of the victims of the tragedy.