Fans ready for Super Bowl kickoff

Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots fans pour into Houston’s NRG Stadium for Super Bowl LI.

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES (Reuters) – Thousands of fans streamed into NRG Stadium on Sunday (February 5) afternoon to begin the day long celebration that is the Super Bowl.

“Go Pats! Go Pats!” a woman exclaimed as she walked into the party.

Despite the longer travel distance, New England Patriots fans appeared to outnumber fans of the Atlanta Falcons but both sides were enjoying the live music, food and drink.

“Falcons fans rise up. Gonna smash the Patriots okay,” said a family of Falcons fans hoping for their team’s first Super Bowl victory.

Kickoff is scheduled for 1830p CT (0030gmt), giving fans plenty of time to take in the atmosphere and, of course, to announce to the world who is going to win.

“I got $350 on it, go Pats! Go Pats!” said a Patriots partisan hoping his team will carry him to a win.

The showdown between the Patriots and Falcons is expected to be an entertaining, high scoring affair with the Patriots currently favored to win by oddsmakers.

Including with ticket price is the celebrated halftime show. This year featuring Lady Gaga.

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