photo-journalist Diana Dobson is press attaché for the Rio Olympics.

Bullet narrowly misses New Zealand Olympic official

A New Zealand Olympic official barely missed being hit by a stray bullet at the equestrian center in Rio de Janeiro, adding to the list of concerns on day 1 of the games.

(Reuters) – A New Zealand Olympic official had a lucky escape in Brazil on Saturday (August 6), having been nearly hit by a bullet.

According to the kiwi Chef de Mission, the press attache had been working in a canvas tent at the Deodoro equestrian event center in Rio de Janeiro, when the bullet came flying through the roof and landed just two meters from her.

She was named by New Zealand media as Diana Dobson.

“Today at about 1.30 a bullet entered the equestrian venue press conference room at Deodoro and landed on the floor no one was hurt but there was a New Zealander in the room at the time” Waddell told media at a news conference in the Olympic Park.

“We none the less took the situation very seriously and put our security into play. What this meant was that the was the team in the venue were advised immediately to stay in their current location and advised of the situation. Our New New Zealand police liaison began communicating with the appropriate authorities. The New Zealand police assessment is that it was an unintentionally discharged bullet, not fired intentionally. We are awaiting a final outcome to investigate and to continue to remain in close contact with the appropriate authorities. Competition continued and we were pleased to say our team were unaffected.”

The incident occurred as New Zealand equestrian athlete Mark Todd was preparing for competition, but Waddell said he was unaffected.