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Interdisciplinary Learning: Education Expert Recommends Residential Private Tuition for Problem-Based Learning, Deeming It an ‘Ancient Solution to a Modern Problem’

A movement into interdisciplinary schooling is at the forefront of innovative education. A departure from distinct school subjects feels not only sensible for a world that does not divide experiences into separate disciplines, but it is also a more employable approach to educating young minds. Continue reading


French Polynesia to host world’s first floating city

A fully autonomous floating city was once just a libertarian fantasy, but is now just a few years shy of becoming reality.
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University of Oklahoma expels two students over racist video

The University of Oklahoma expels two students linked to a video showing members of a fraternity singing a song filled with racial epithets.
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University of Oklahoma shuts “disgraceful” fraternity for racist video

University of Oklahoma bands together to discredit racist behavior of campus fraternity.
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