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Jodie Whittaker ready to take on Doctor Who, hopes fans don’t find her gender a fearful thing

New Doctor Who actor Jodie Whittaker talks the upcoming new series and the joy of playing the iconic role. Continue reading


‘Moonlight’ wins grand prize after Oscars blunder

Veteran actor and filmmaker Warren Beatty accidentally announces the winner of the Academy Award for Best Picture as ‘La La Land’, before the award is correctly given to ‘Moonlight’. Ryan Brooks reports. Continue reading


Paris Jackson ‘wants to vomit’ seeing white actor as ‘King of Pop’

Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris says the casting of British actor Joseph Fiennes to play her father has left her “offended” and wanting to “vomit.”

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Quentin Tarantino's bloody, brutal new western The Hateful Eight

Stars of ‘The Hateful Eight’ talk Tarantino in London

Fame and fortune hasn’t changed Quentin Tarantino – according to actor Tim Roth.

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Daniel Craig, Sam Mendes arrive at Royal Albert Hall for “Spectre” premiere

The much anticipated premiere for James Bond’s 24th silver screen instalment “Spectre” begins, with the titular star-playing Daniel Craig and director Sam Mendes arriving at the Royal Albert Hall.
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Actor Paul Walker’s daughter files wrongful death lawsuit against Porsche

Late actor Paul Walker’s 16-year old daughter files a lawsuit against Porsche, claiming the car manufacturer is at fault for his 2013 death.

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Cast of Antonio Banderas’ film, “The 33”, about the rescued Chilean miners, meets Chile’s president

Chilean President Michelle Bachelet meets Antonio Banderas and other stars of “The 33”, the upcoming film about the rescued miners.

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A look at Omar Sharif’s biggest film roles

Omar Sharif’s biggest film roles included “Doctor Zhivago,” “Lawrence of Arabia,” and “Funny Girl.” The actor died at age 83.
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Avengers actor Patrick Macnee dies at the age of 93

Star of the 1960s British TV series The Avengers Patrick Macnee dies at the age of 93, his family says.

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