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Balloonists take to the skies over Umbria’s wine valley

The Sagrantino Italian International Balloon Challenge Cup is underway in Umbria, Italy, drawing dozens of balloonists from around the world for what organizers say is the “most relaxed event” of the year. Nathan Frandino reports. Continue reading


Russian defence ministry says its plane with 92 people on board crashes into the Black Sea

Russian defence ministry spokesman says its plane en-route to Syria with 92 people on board crashes into the Black Sea off the Sochi coast.

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Australian MH370 report says plane in ‘increasing rate of descent’ when it vanished

A new report into missing Malaysia Airlines MH370 says that additional analysis of satellite communications from the aircraft was consistent with it being in a “high and increasing rate of descent” when it vanished.
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Soccer players from team aboard plane that crashed 53 years ago reflect on rediscovery

Former team members of Green Cross soccer club react to discovery of doomed flight that killed eight of their players over 50 years ago.

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