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Fashion you can print at home

Israeli graduate designer takes 3D printed fashion a step further with an entire home-made printed collection.

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Chinese monk ‘runs on water’ for 125 meters using plywood planks

China (Next Media) – A Chinese Shaolin monk has managed to “run” along the surface of water for 125 meters.
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Thousands sign petition to stop rape of low-caste Indian sisters

Thousands have signed a petition seeking protection for two Indian sisters, allegedly threatened with rape by a village council.

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Florida State Attorney Jeffrey Ashton says he committed no crime on the cheating website, Ashley Madison, and will not resign

Florida State Attorney Jeffrey Ashton says he committed no crime on the Ashley Madison infidelity website and will not resign his post.

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Scene at epicenter of Tianjin blasts

Tianjin, China China Central Television (CCTV) – Rubble, ruins and burning debris evidence the devastation left behind in the blast site after Wednesday’s massive explosions in north China’s port city Tianjin.
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Electronic skin sensors to control mobile gadgets

iSkin prototype uses flexible, stretchable, silicone stickers as skin-worn, touch sensors for mobile computing. Matthew Stock reports.
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Bell tolls in rememberance of Nagasaki A-bomb

Nagasaki marks the 70th anniversary of the dropping of the A-bomb with bells and a minute of silence.
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In paternalistic S.Korea, “sexy cooking men” break kitchen barrier

(REUTERS) – Fifty-three-year old Lee Jin-soo is cooking up a chicken and seafood stew tonight in this all-male cooking class in Seoul.
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English soccer club aims to be world’s ‘greenest’

Forest Green Rovers, owned by the founder of energy firm Ecotricity, are aiming to be the world’s first eco-soccer club; with an organic pitch, solar power, robotic lawnmower, and an all-vegan menu among their green initiatives.

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