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Trump visits National Museum of African-American History

Trump says Americans need to fight bigotry and hatred “in all of its ugly forms” during a visit to National Museum of African-American History.

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Trump considering Fiorina for director of national intelligence: New York Times

U.S. President-elect Donald Trump speaks to former chief executive of Hewlett-Packard Carly Fiorina about the job of director of national intelligence, the New York Times reports.

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Carson accepts Trump’s offer to head U.S. housing department

Trump nominates Ben Carson to head the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

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Super Tuesday voting begins in Virginia

Voting gets underway in Arlington, Virginia on Super Tuesday (March 1) where front-runners Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are poised for big wins.

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New Hampshire results “signal a revolution in both parties” -analyst

New Hampshire results “signify a revolution in both parties” and could mean a long nominating process ahead, U.S. election analyst says.

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Blocking Muslim refugees supports terrorism – U.N.’s Guterres

Countries rejecting Syrian refugees because they are muslim are fuelling Islamic State and other militant groups, the U.N. says.

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Presidential candidates tweet reactions to California shooting

U.S. Presidential candidates react to San Bernardino, California shooting, in which three deaths and up to 20 wounded are reported.

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GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson criticises media

(REUTERS) – Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson was on the defensive during a news conference in Florida on Friday night.

An article published earlier in the day called into question his account of being offered a scholarship to Westpoint Military Academy.

Carson took a combative tone while discussing the incident saying the media would stop at nothing to uncover dirt.


“They have been talking to everybody I’ve ever known everybody I’ve ever seen. There’s got to be a scandal there’s got to be some nurse he’s had an affair with, there’s got to be something, they are getting desperate, so next week it will be my kindergarten teacher said I peed in my pants. I mean it’s just ridiculous.”

Carson said his supporters would see through the “subterfuge”… after the speech, supporters seemed to corroborate that.


“I know that people can dig up stuff and try to make it worse than it is but I won’t judge anybody based on that, I listen to the facts and make my decision based on that.”

Carson’s account of how he attempted to stab a friend in his troubled youth also came under renewed scrutiny on Friday.

Carson is currently tied with Donald Trump in the polls.


U.S. Republican candidate Carson says comments on Muslims taken out of context

U.S. Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson, under fire for saying a Muslim should not be president, says that his comments on Sunday were taken out of context.

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Republican candidate Carson says Muslims unfit to be U.S. president

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson says he would not “advocate” a Muslims to be president of the United States, arguing their faith was inconsistent with the U.S. Constitution.

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