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Trump to nix “conflict minerals” rule

President Donald Trump is planning an executive order targeting a rule that requires companies to disclose if their products contain “conflict minerals” from a war-torn part of Africa, according to sources. Fred Katayama reports. Continue reading


Copper gains on output cuts but China worries persist

Mining giant Glencore looks to sell copper mines in Australia and Chile to reduce its debt.

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Savannah River nuclear site not in danger -U.S. official

A bomb-sniffing dog at the Savannah River nuclear site apparently over reacts when it halts a delivery truck and there does not appear to be a serious security threat there, a U.S. government official says.

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Liquid metal discovery paves way for shape-shifting robots

Scientists in China produce droplets of liquid metal that can change shape and move of their own accord, bringing researchers a step closer to creating a “Terminator-style” shape-shifting robot. Matthew Stock reports.
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