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Milestone Marked at Kentucky Chemical Weapons Destruction Plant

A Bechtel-led team has successfully completed the destruction of projectiles containing the nerve agent GB at a chemical weapons facility in Kentucky.

The destruction of the nearly 4,000 GB projectiles at the Blue Grass Chemical Agent-Destruction Pilot Plant (BGCAPP) moves the U.S. one step closer to meeting an international treaty obligation to eliminate the country’s stockpile of chemical weapons. Read more


Suspected gas explosion flattens commercial area in Rio de Janeiro

A commercial area in Rio de Janeiro is destroyed by an explosion suspected to have resulted from a leak in gas canisters stored in a pizzeria.

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Gas inhalation kills eight with over 100 hospitalised in Nigeria’s Jos

Eight people killed and over 100 hospitalised after inhaling chlorine gas following an explosion at a water treatment plant in Jos, a city in central Nigeria.
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