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Europe stood by and watched as Greek elite plundered country, says Germany’s Gabriel

Germany’s Sigmar Gabriel says the elite in Greece has plundered the country for years while Europe just watched it happen.

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Greek No vote “catastrophic scenario” for markets, says analyst

A ‘No’ vote by the Greeks is a “catastrophic scenario” for markets, an analyst says while on the streets of Paris, people say the Greeks may have voted in a “selfish” way.

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European Parliament President doubts Greek banks will reopen, warns of ‘dramatic’ times ahead

European Parliament President Martin Schulz doubts Greek banks will reopen this week, calls for emergency humanitarian aid for Greece and demands the government make meaningful proposals on its debt to stave off ‘dramatic’ times.

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How did Greece get here?

A preview of events leading up to the referendum that could decide Greece’s future in the euro zone.

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Greek police fire stun grenades in Athens scuffles

Protesters clash with Greek police in central Athens ahead of rally in support of “No” vote in the referendum for the EU bailout.
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Impoverished Greek industrial town reflects on the country’s situation as the country prepares for referendum

Residents of a once-booming industrial town near Athens speak about their current struggle to survive and their uncertain future, three days ahead of a snap referendum on the European Union’s aid proposal for Greece, seen by many as the final verdict for the country’s stay in the eurozone.

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UK stock markets calm despite Greek default

UK traders consider the consequences of a possible ‘Grexit’ on the European markets.

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Greece on edge of new decision?

There’s usually a cheery wave from Alexis Tsipras when he goes to work.

Today, though, little to celebrate.

Greece is now the first advanced nation to default to the IMF.
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