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French candidate Macron claims massive hack as emails leaked

PARIS, FRANCE (REUTERS) – Leading French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron’s campaign said on Friday night (May 5) that it had been the target of a “massive” computer hack that dumped its campaign e-mails online one and a half days before voters choose between the centrist candidate and his far-right rival, Marine Le Pen.

As much as nine gigabytes of data were posted on a profile called EMLEAKS to Pastebin, a site that allows anonymous document sharing. It was not immediately clear who was responsible for posting the data or if any of it was genuine.

In a written statement, Macron’s political movement En Marche! (Onwards!) confirmed that it had been hacked.

“The En Marche! Movement has been the victim of a massive and co-ordinated hack this evening which has given rise to the diffusion on social media of various internal information,” the statement said.

An interior ministry official declined to comment, citing French rules that forbid any commentary liable to influence an election, which took effect at midnight on Friday (2200 GMT).

Former economy minister Macron’s campaign has previously complained about attempts to hack its e-mails, blaming Russian interests in part for the cyber attacks.

Researchers with security firm Trend Micro in Tokyo, said they had found evidence that the spy group, dubbed “Pawn Storm”, targeted the Macron campaign with email phishing tricks and attempts to install malware on the campaign site at least in four separate attempts.


Ohio suspect hates mug shot, sends selfie to police

“Here is a better photo that one is terrible.” Drunk driving suspect sends police a selfie to replace a mug shot officers released after he skipped his court appearance.

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London crowned capital of grim selfies

People in London look the most miserable in their selfies while ‘strong smiles’ are found in Sao Paulo and Bangkok, says a researcher involved in setting up a London show about selfies.
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New app lets consumers test cosmetics without purchasing products

A new app called Try It On enables users to test cosmetics virtually. Using facial recognition technology and specialized algorithms, consumers can snap a selfie, scan a bar code on their phone and instantly know what they’ll look like.

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Suicide is one of the most prolific killers in the UK and world. At the same time there is an immense and resounding silence. Those bereaved are reluctant to talk about it

An emotionally charged discourse on Suicide and the stigma surrounding it with public figure input and general public participation featuring tragic & harrowing real life stories from those who’ve attempted suicide, those who’ve survived and the bereaved. Organised & promoted by Michael Mansfield QC and Anna Christian Events.


“This absolutely unique and groundbreaking event, SOS – Silence of Suicide, which was, well is, the brainchild of Mr Mansfield and er, unfortunately he lost his daughter Anna to suicide not very long ago at all and I know from the emails we’ve received that so many of you are in the same position and for a lot of you you’ve actually maybe attempted suicide yourself and the aim tonight is to get people to talk, to remove the stigma, so that people realise it’s ok, it’s ok to talk”

“Well when it started, it started because of my daughter who committed suicide almost 3 months ago now and then I discovered when talking about it that people were cautious to the extent of being silent, that they had sat on all these feelings and for me, slowly to open up to other people and they’d do the same to me and then find actually there’s a ground swell of people out there”

“It constantly crops up. Fortunately for us, Clarke failed (BACK TO CLOSE SHOT OF YVETTE GREENWAY CONTINUING) in his suicide attempts and I think it’s going to be really useful, I hope it’s going to be really useful for all of you here today to try and understand, if you’re bereaved, maybe what was going on in the minds of the people you’ve lost”

“You know, there’s just a distinct lack of understanding and there’s little appetite to get into this conversation because people feel awkward about it, you know, people feel a real sense of discomfort about it and we need to break that down, because if we don’t make people feel comfortable about talking about these issues, then how are we going to be able to comfort the sufferer when they’re on the walk that can potentially lead to suicide”

” It would definitely be that people feel like they’ve been given permission to open up about not only how they feel, but to engage with someone else without that being accusatory or judgemental, just the freedom to discuss your state of mind, your mental well being just as easily as we discuss the weather outside”

“Now I feel today that I’m as free to talk about suicide and depression, another dirty word, as I am to talk about the weather outside and that’s because er, I’ve dealt, I’ve dealt with the shame and guilt, there’s no shame and guilt involved with depression and with mental ill health as long as you’re willing to acknowledge it as such. You know, the shame and the embarrassment and the guilt comes when you’re still connected to that thought that you have an element of control over it, that it’s something that you should do something about, or as someone who is married to, a child of, a parent of someone with, someone suffering from mental ill health, you still have that ownership, that there is an element of it that you control, you’ve done something wrong and that’s why my son, my daughter, my, my husband, my wife, is depressed – it’s not, it’s an illness.

“It’s only by talking about suicide, it’s only by talking by mental health that we start, um, finding a way of finding a remedy and um, it’s one of the last ever meaningful health taboos”

“For us to start having a louder conversation about it, you know, um, everybody knows the numbers but seemingly nobody wants to talk about it, it’s the largest, one of the largest killers of young men especially, yet nobody talks about it. Um, it’s a postcode lottery like other health issues”

“The GP didn’t understand that you can be relatively successful and still have an amazing sickness”

“So this is a process of turning up the volume it seems to me on an issue which has been too quiet for too long”

“Sometimes, when so many things are happening, and I feel really, really, hurt, I’m not able to process the pain and the only way that I think that I can, it’s not even thinking, it’s just being driven, a compulsion, to ram my head against the wall or just think of what would happen if I stood in front of a train”

“She was beautiful, quirky, funny and we miss her desperately. I haven’t had a voice. There’s no-one to listen. I just hope we can move on and I don’t know what else to say”

” I’m not quite sure what I want to say, um short of thanking Clarke and Michael and all the others for their contribution. Um, but I sat there saying, thinking to myself, er, we’re coming up to ten o’clock, wouldn’t it be a shame if we all walked out out

“of here and this is the end of this. At the age of eight years old, and having two younger brothers, seven thirty one morning, I heard my father singing. And the song that he sang was God be with you till we meet again. As I say that, I can feel some of the tears welling up in me. Sixty years ago. The evening, later in the evening, my father was found dead, he had poisoned himself . No indication about why and the trauma of an eight year old facing this, trying to put the pieces together, the why. First and foremost some, some of you have reflected that question. What did I do or what could I have done to actually avoid that?

“I also want to thank Clarke because that was a real insight to possibly what my son was going through and that was just amazing, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. But what I really wanted to say, is from personal experience, I found that, um, that the whole subject of suicide is so taboo”

“I think the outcome will be that people will leave the evening having had a meaningful experience”

“There are two aims I want to achieve tonight, one is that people go away feeling they have listened and learned from other people with similar feelings and that in fact they”d like to, as it were, not necessarily create an institution, but create a network, so that they can come together again, not online, but come together in a place and exchange these feelings again and begin to build a body of knowledge and experience which will help people, either people who are contemplating suicide or who have tried suicide or are the relatives of people who have. That’s the real objective”

“The real benefit of last night was that the BBC themselves were overwhelmed by the number of people who were tweeting”

“But we’re also grateful to actually the hundreds of people who responded, who couldn’t make it tonight, but have responded by telephone, by email over the past weeks and remarkably over the last twenty four hours, because as some of you may know, the BBC very kindly invited me on last night to Newsnight to talk about it”


Project Anywhere takes virtual reality gaming to new level

A student at ETH Zurich creates what he believes is the most advanced virtual digital avatar ever seen. Constantinos Miltiadis says his Project Anywhere will allow multiple gamers in separate continents to compete in the same virtual space.

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A ‘bisou’ with a view — Eiffel tower becomes the ‘place to kiss’ on Valentine’s Day

(R Reports) – Couples who were not afraid to kiss and tell took their “amore” to the top of the Eiffel Tower on Valentine’s Day.
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