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Former U.S. Marine kills three police officers in Baton Rouge

Former U.S. Marine kills three police officers in Baton Rouge shooting

Three Baton Rouge police officers were killed and three others injured when a former U.S. Marine went on a shooting spree on Sunday morning.
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Chicago police fatally shoot two people, one by mistake

Two people were shot dead by Chicago police, one by mistake, during a domestic disturbance call on Saturday.
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Gun rights advocates carry rifles while protesting outside the Texas capitol in Austin.

Gun control and gun rights groups square off in Texas

Gun control activists in Austin Texas protest to disrupt “mock mass shooting” by pro-gun ownership group.

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Staff member hid in closet after hearing gunshots – relative

The brother of a woman who was at the San Bernardino social services office where where a mass shooting occurred says he received a text from his sister saying she is hiding in a closet.

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Presidential candidates tweet reactions to California shooting

U.S. Presidential candidates react to San Bernardino, California shooting, in which three deaths and up to 20 wounded are reported.

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Colorado Springs Police respond to active shooter report

Colorado Springs Police respond to reports of an active shooter near a Planned Parenthood, warning people via social media to stay away.

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Student describes chaotic moments after Oregon college shooting

(NVO) – A student describes the terrifying moments after the deadly shooting rampage at Umpqua Community College in Oregon.
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Police now probing 11 possible highway shootings in Phoenix area

Arizona police are investigating 11 possible vehicle shootings in recent days along a major highway running through Phoenix after a driver discovered a bullet hole in the side of his commercial truck.

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No casualties, no shooter spotted at Washington Navy Yard -reports

Authorities say no injuries reported at the U.S. Navy Yard in Washington after the facility was placed on lockdown following reports of a possible shooter, according to media reports.

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