Over 1,000 children show super mental arithmetic ability at international competition in Beijing

Beijing,China China Central Television (CCTV) – More than 1,000 children, aged from four to 12 and from 18 countries across the world, showed their super mental arithmetic ability at an international competition in Beijing held from Saturday to Sunday.

During the competition, known as “Little Mental Arithmetic Doctor International Tournament”, the competitors could give answers immediately after calculation questions were announced. Some of them even calculated more quickly than calculators do.

According to the competitors, the key to calculating quickly is, in fact, mastering the skills of abacus calculation. When a competitor makes mental calculation, a virtual abacus will be operated in his or her mind. The speed of giving calculation answers depends on how skillfully the competitors can use abacuses.

“The mental abacus calculation has developed my thinking ability. I can solve a math question by different approaches, and give the answer quickly,” said Yang Yunbo, a Chinese competitor.

The mental abacus calculation, as part of the traditional Chinese culture, has become more and more popular among children worldwide. For instance, the competition attracted teams from such countries as the United States, Netherlands and Italy.

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