Kick-off 2022 with introductory Google Cloud training

Sign up here to attend the Getting Started Cloud OnBoard on January 20 for a comprehensive Google Cloud orientation. Google Cloud experts will show you how to execute your compute, available storage options, how to secure your data, and available Google Cloud managed services.

Afterwards, register here to join Google Cloud experts for our January 27 Cloud Study Jam. They’ll walk you through a hands-on lab on how to get started with Google Cloud and answer questions live via chat during this event.

Coursera updates

New Building No-Code Apps with AppSheet: Foundations course: You’ll learn how to create an app with data from spreadsheets, create the app’s user experience using AppSheet views, and publish the app to end users.

Developing Data Models with LookML course now available in Japanese: After completing this course, you’ll be able to start building and maintaining LookML models to curate and manage data in your organization’s Looker instance.

Thank you for being a part of the Google Cloud learning community. Stay safe and happy learning!

Source: Google Cloud Team