Gold Apple watch smashed during magnet crash test

A gold Apple watch is smashed to pieces as part of an unusual online trend of putting

technological gadgets through extreme crash tests.

CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES (JUNE 12, 2015) (YOUTUBE/TECHRAX) – A video showing a gold Apple watch being smashed by two magnets during a crash test performed in California earlier in June, became a viral hit after being posted to a social media website.

In the video, the watch is seen being placed between two neodymium magnets with an equal holding force of 650 pound (295 kg).

Two sticks then push the magnets closer to the watch on either side until they crash together, destroying the valuable smartwatch.

The video was filmed by Youtube enthusiast, Taras Maksimuk, whose hobby is to test the endurance of newly released technological gadgets.

After the experiment, Maksimuk analysed the damaged watch and successfully charged it, despite its smashed screen.

The Youtube enthusiast said he began making similar videos during his first year of high school in California, and has continued to publish them online, after gaining popularity on social media websites.

His gold Apple watch crash test video was viewed online over two million times in barely two weeks.

It’s part of an unusual trend of posting videos to social media websites showing technological gadgets undergoing extreme crash tests.