Berlin pop up in London hopes to attract British business post Brexit

A pop up shop to try to entice London start ups to move to Berlin opens in London.

LONDON, ENGLAND, UNITED KINGDOM (NOVEMBER 21, 2016) (REUTERS) – As British companies continue to face uncertainty following Britain’s vote to leave the European Union, Berlin is launching an audacious bid to lure London’s top talents and start-ups to the German capital.

On Monday (November 21) Berlin Partner, the marketing organisation for the city, opened a week long pop-up lab in Soho in London’s West End to showcase the experience of Berlin to London firms.

“We noticed that a lot of companies from the UK are interested in Berlin. We have, the whole time, a good collaboration between Germany and british companies, but after the Brexit, young companies especially the start-ups, are much more interested in Berlin,” Dr Stefan Franzke CEO Berlin Partner told Reuters.

Berlin partner say that 5 start-ups have moved since the vote and that 40 others are seriously considering making the move.

Web development company MBJ, are one of those who have made the move, but have still retained their office in London too.

CEO and founder Julian Baladurage says that the referendum has affected the pace of their move and the fall in the pound against the Euro has decreased the value of financial grants they had been receiving.

“It kind of decided the speed and to what extent we get people on board depending on which office. I think it had an impact on deciding that we can’t risk having to issue or having to apply for 40 to 50 visas here next year

or even the year after, so right now just to be on the safe side we are going to be hiring the majority of the team in Berlin,” he said.

German companies creating everything from wearable subwoofers, 3D printers, robots and interactive technology are showcasing their businesses at the lab, hoping to attract British talent.

The pop-up runs from November 21st-26th.