Catalan scientist unveils “intelligent” sex dolls

A Catalan engineer creates a sex doll capable of responding to physical and verbal stimulus.

BARCELONA, SPAIN (MARCH 28, 2017) (REUTERS) – Samantha is a sex robot with the capacity to respond to both verbal and physical stimulus.

Equipped with sensors, a speaker and a microphone, Samantha’s responses are driven by microprocessor and an artificial intelligence algorithm.

Catalan nanotechnology engineer Sergi Santos aimed to create a robot that is closer to a partner than a sex toy.

Santos says she responds to verbal and physical cues whether the user wants to watch a movie, or interact in a sexual way.

She can speak, with 700 phrases programmed initially, and the ability to learn up to 60,000 more phrases.

Santos and his colleague Chia-Yun Lai designed Samantha so that she responds best to romantic interactions.

Santos says she likes to be kissed and touched, and can reach oragasm.

Santos has invested around 100,000 euros of his own money in this project.

Initially he used fifteen silicon sex dolls made by Chinese manufacturers that cost up to 2,000 euros each.

Now he uses thermoplastic elastomer dolls which are cheaper and non-toxic.

Customers can choose the body and the face of the doll and Santos and Lai will provide the doll with the artificial intelligence.

Each doll costs from 1,500 euros to 8,000 euros (approximately 1600-8530 U.S. dollars).