Czech firm presents new model of wall radar

Czech firm presents wall radar capable of detecting slightest movement, such as breathing, for use in hostage and search and rescue operations.

PARDUBICE, CZECH REPUBLIC (NOVEMBER 25, 2015) (REUTERS) – A Czech radar manufacturer has presented a new design of wall radar they say can be used by security forces in hostage scenarios or in search and rescue operations after natural disasters.

The firm Retia A.S., based in Pardubice, focuses on developing and manufacturing a variety of radars mainly for military purposes. Their new project provides innovative solutions compared to other models currently on the market, the firm says.

“The Retwis radar is developed to find people behind solid barriers like walls or under the covers of lorries – it finds primarily people who are alive. As well as security units, it can also be used for rescuing people, because it enables [the user] to find people under rubble,” head of Retia sales and marketing, Radim Sikl, told Reuters.

“This radar is unique because apart from detecting movement, like walking or moving limbs, it also detects the movement of the thorax while breathing. The other difference to similar radars is that it can detect a person in a 3D space and not on a flat surface up to the distance of forty meters, which make this radar a unique device world-wide,” he added.

The smaller and lighter model of their Retwis 5 wall radar was initially developed for search and rescue operations involving finding people trapped under rubble. Its ability to detect people who are immobile but breathing has been also marketed by the company for use in hostage scenarios and to fight human trafficking.

The Retwis 5 weighs 3 kilograms and can be used outside or inside buildings, to find people behind walls, inside houses or underneath lorry covers. Its batteries last for 6 hours of work.

The older type of Retwis was sold mainly in the north Africa and in countries affected by armed conflicts, but the new prototype is increasingly popular in Europe, Sikl said.

“At present we are registering an increasing interest from European clients because the security situation in Europe is unfortunately worsening, with a delayed reaction from politicians,” he told Reuters.

The new generation of the wall radar Retwis 5 was first introduced to the public at the Milipol 2015 security exhibition in Paris at the beginning of November.