DIY robotics device developed

KRAKOW, POLAND (REUTERS) – It’s a revolution in robotics that makes building your own personal robot a reality for the masses.

The new device developed by Polish scientists Dominik Nowak and Radoslaw Jarema of the Husarion Company, acts as a robot’s central nervous system and provides people with the hardware and software to build almost any type of robot they can think of..

… So you don’t need any programming or engineering skills.


“By applying RoboCORE, the user can create their own mechanical platform where they plug in our RoboCORE through various connectors to engines and sensors. Next, they can log in to our internet platform and use it to program their device and later they can control and steer, guide it and supervise its functions.”

While RoboCORE contains advanced technology, the designers kept the system simple for users. It’s compatible with almost any mechanical system; even Lego’s Mindstorm, and uses open system cloud-based software to control the finished construction.


“The inventors of robots based on RoboCORE can construct both robots for play and hobby uses, as well as robots which solve ordinary human problems. We’re keeping in mind that many huge technology companies started off their work in garages and we hope that people in garages around the world will build robots based on our solutions, our drivers, which to a bigger or smaller extent will improve our lives.”

RoboCORE comes in two sizes and the company has already raised more than it needs to get off the ground with a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. It looks like having your own personal helper, may not be that far-fetched an idea after all.