Google’s Waze to compete with Uber – WSJ

Google’s carpool service Waze plans to expand onto Uber’s territory, according to The Wall Street Journal. Fred Katayama reports.

(BVO)- Google is reportedly expanding its carpool service on its navigation app Waze. The Wall Street Journal says that move could possibly mean it’ll encroach on Uber and Lyft’s territory.

Unlike them, Waze lets regular drivers pick up people who happen to be heading in the same direction. They make 54 cents a mile.

After successful tests in Israel and the San Francisco Bay area, the service will open in several U.S. cities and Latin America over the next few months.

Paul Lienert covers the ride-sharing sector for Reuters.

“I don’t see Waze carpool as a direct competitor to either one of those big ride services companies. what I do suspect is, Google is starting to put some of the pieces in place, with Waze, and with its Waymo self-driving car unit to build a much bigger service.”

Google bought Waze for about $1 billion in 2013. That same year, it invested $258 million in Uber. Waze became popular for letting users flag traffic accidents or police activity. It has about 80 million active users.