Inside Apple’s new ‘spaceship’ HQ

Apple’s latest product isn’t for sale to consumers: It’s a new headquarters referred to by Silicon Valley as the ‘spaceship’. Jane Lee reports.

CUPERTINO, U.S. (Reuters) – A new trophy headquarters spinning into completion. In Silicon Valley it’s referred to as the spaceship. This is Apple’s new home in Cupertino.

It’s the piece-de-resistance of Apple’s mad genius founder Steve Jobs, who oversaw the design of the campus.

And it’s built to perfection – with many details that are iPhone-esque.

This attention to detail, including the facade, which contains the world’s largest piece of curved glass – means an equally impressive price tag, amounting to billions of dollars.

What we don’t see from the air is the details inside.

Apple employees telling Reuters even the elevator buttons remind them of the iPhone’s home button and the toilets seem to mirror the device’s square shape with rounded corners. And everything from the gaps between adjoining surfaces to the ceiling tiles got the Apple treatment of highest precision.

The ultimate tribute to Jobs who unveiled the plans of Apple Campus 2 just months before he died in 2011 – making a new chapter in Silicon Valley architecture.

Now, the 12,000 employees aboard the spaceship will just have to build Apple’s next hit product.