We need to talk about sex, robot experts say

Artificial intelligence (AI) is making its way into the global sex technology market, bringing with it a revolution in robotic “sextech” designed to offer gratification with a near-human touch.

BARCELONA, SPAIN (REUTERS / SERGI SANTOS) – We need to talk about sex.

It may be the last thing you expect to hear from a robot scientist, but ‘sex tech’ is now a growing market – and that may be a problem.

These so called ‘android love dolls’ can perform 50 sexual positions, designed to offer gratification with a near human touch.

For up to 15,000 dollars even the smallest detail like nipple size can be customized.

Samantha was created by Spanish scientist Sergi Santos.

Instead of silicone, she’s made of thermoplastic elastomer and has been fitted with artificial intelligence..


“The most interesting thing about Samantha, in my opinion, is that I’ve tried to combine this body that comes from sex dolls but now I tried to give it intelligence physiologically so now she responds to how you interact physically with her. And I’m even thinking of third, fourth generation brains and I’m sure many people will join in this adventure where basically she will have even a moral code so, depending on what you say to her, how you say it, how much you’ve interacted with her physically and also verbally she will change and she will be more romantic with you or maybe more sexual.”

It’s thought dolls like Samantha could be used in sexual therapy clinics, for sex offenders or for people with disabilities.

But the growing market is raising complex issues.

A report by the Foundation for Responsible Robotics questions the morality of sex tech.

Will the dolls help to stop attacks on real people, or just encourage users to live out their darkest fantasies?

One thing the report is very clear on. When it comes to a meaningful and mutual relationship between human and robot, the best a robot could do is fake it.

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