Damascus unveils giant ‘newspaper’

A supersized ‘newspaper’ has been unveiled in Damascus, spanning the corner of a hotel in the Syrian capital.


Syrians gathered in Damascus on Saturday (July 29) for the unveiling of a giant ‘newspaper’.

The supersized periodical spans 2000 square metres and has been erected on a hotel building.

Despite the appearance of headlines and articles, the billboard is an advertising space in the city.

“This is an advertising newspaper, not a news related paper. But we will be showing adverts through journalistic articles, through interviews or even specific news about the advertised product,” explained Monzer Nizha, General Manager of Syria’s Al-Maktab newspaper, who are behind the project.

“It gives you the space to have an advert through a journalist article that explains the product. We don’t see this in advertisement. Today, the advertiser is able to deliver useful cultural and social information about their products,” explained Nadine Al-Habar, the newspaper’s Chief Editor.

Large parts of Damascus have survived almost six years of conflict in Syria relatively unscarred, but shortages of fuel and electricity continue to impact the lives of its residents.

And in the event of a power cut here, the 15 million lira,( 28,000 U.S dollars), project will still light up as it’s connected to a generator.

For those wanting to promote their products on the ‘newspaper’ billboard it costs 3000 Syrian Lira, just under 6 U.S dollars per metre.