Facebook to use lasers, satellites and drones to bring Internet to developing countries

USA (Next Media) – Mark Zuckerberg announced on Wednesday that Facebook is considering using lasers on drones and satellites to connect the next billion people to the internet.

People in developing countries are more likely connect to the internet using mobile phones instead of computers.

Initially, Facebook considered satellites, which work best for low-density areas.

For suburban areas, the company is considering drones, which will fly much higher altitude than commercial airliners, at around 20,000 meters.

The drones, which have a wingspan greater than that of a Boeing 737, are solar-powered and can remain airborne for months.

On both the satellites and drones, Facebook would use lasers to beam data through the air and provide high-speed connectivity similar to that of fiber optic networks.

According to Zuckerberg, the laser beams won’t actually be visible but will allow users to send data at dramatically improved speeds over longer distances.

SOURCES: Engadget, [email protected] Zuckerberg, Quartz