Mobli Iaunches EyeIn – the first visual search Engine for user generated content

Mobli Introduces a New Kind of Search with the Launch of EyeIn – the 1st Visual Search Engine for User Generated Content

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL (JUNE 15, 2015) (MOBLI MEDIA INC.) – We rely on traditional search engines to find answers to all of our questions – but these search engines haven’t changed much in the past two decades. Until now.

Moshe Hogeg, Founder & CEO of tech startup Mobli Media along with COO Ido Sadeh and CMO Irit Singer, launched a new search revolution today with a spectacular big screen demo at an evening launch event.

With so much of our online interaction on social media, Mobli’s revolutionary visual search engine empowers users to discover the photos and videos of places, events, news and current trends that are being posted by billions all over the world.

With smartphones, every moment worth seeing is captured by the crowd and shared online, whether it is a concert, a sports event or breaking news. For the first time, users all over the globe can see the world through the eyes of others.

Search a rock concert on EyeIn and discover the audience’s up-close and personal view of the show.

Search the earthquake in Nepal and uncover real, raw footage you never would have seen, taken by people on the scene, in real-time.

Search an Awards show and get an insider’s look at all the glam and glitter.

“We’re introducing a new way to search,” said Mobli CEO Moshe Hogeg. “EyeIn gives you eyes anywhere in the world, letting you watch every given moment, all in real-time.”

With EyeIn, Mobli is joining search giants like Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft. As opposed to the stock footage generally found via Image Search in these traditional search engines, EyeIn has access to the user-generated content available in our new age of online photos and videos that current search engines simply don’t have.

Leading publishers like the Huffington Post, Rant Inc. and more are already embedding EyeIn within their articles to add real-time photos and video, giving readers a look at what the crowd is seeing. It’s an entirely new way for readers to consume content and for publishers to engage their audience.

EyeIn utilizes the most advanced computer vision, natural language processing and machine learning technologies to detect, analyze, and categorize crowdsourced visual media data, automatically prioritizing this media according to its relevance.

It’s visual search, powered by the people.

About Mobli Media Inc.

Mobli Media Inc. is a cutting edge technology company that creates unique products leveraging crowd based activities for the benefit of all people through content sharing and social media. Founded in 2011, with Mobli, an active social media platform of over 20M users up to date, has raised over $90M. With offices in Tel Aviv, New York and Los Angeles, Mobli Media Inc.’s prominent investors are Kenges Rakishev, Carlos Slim with America Movil and Leonardo DiCaprio.