One billion use Facebook in one day

(REUTERS/FACEBOOK) – A billion users in one day.

Facebook setting a new record this week.

But what is a billion? Really, what is it?

Well, it’s one in seven of the world’s population.

All using the social networking site on Monday.

Just three years ago Facebook said it had one billion users a month.

Now it’s managed that many in 24 hours.


There’s likes… loves… and unfortunately still some hate.

The man who shot two US journalists earlier this week using Facebook and other social media to post a video of the slayings.

Meanwhile Germany’s Justice Minister says Facebook must take more reponsibility for content.


“If Facebook says “of course we do not want to circulate posts inciting hatred”, then it must delete them.”

Constant debate too about Facebook’s use of private personal data.

But company founder Mark Zuckerberg isn’t deterred by a little controversy.

In July he said half the world’s online population visited the site at least once a month.

And Zuckerberg says this is just the beginning of connecting the world.

Facebook identifying Africa as one of its next growth frontiers.