Virtual reality app blends social network into experience

Software company hopes to bring social interaction to the growing virtual reality industry. Sharon Reich has more.

INTERNET (STARSHIP) – It could be a marriage made in heaven.

British software company Starship is bringing social networking into the realm of virtual reality — through a user’s smart phone.

The app is called “vTime” and this video shows what an interactive conference call between friends looks like.

Up to four users can ‘meet’ in vTime’s 3D virtual world, by connecting headsets to their phones. The headsets also create the illusion of human interaction by using lip-syncing and head tracking.

The company also plans to release versions for Google’s “Cardboard” device. But the product is designed to be “platform agnostic,” and will work with Oculus Rift or Playstation VR.

You’ll have to wait to get into the scene, though. It’s currently only on limited release.