Japan’s “Father of PAC-MAN” arcade game dies at age 91

Japan’s “Father of PAC-MAN” arcade game, Masaya Nakamura, has died at age 91.

(BANDAI NAMCO HOLDINGS) – Japanese Toy and game software maker Bandai Namco Holdings said on Monday (January 30) that its founder Masaya Nakamura, known as “Father of PAC-MAN”, a hit monster-eating game in the 1980s, has died at the age of 91.

Nakamura, who has served as a top adviser of the company, died on January 22, the company said in a statement. The cause of his death was not made available.

PAC-MAN went on sale in 1980 and proved a big hit in and outside of Japan, prompting Guinness World Record to name it the world’s most successful arcade game.

Nakamura founded the predecessor of Namco in 1955, which started off with operating two electrically-powered rocking horses atop a department store in Yokohama, southeast of Tokyo.

He took up the post of top adviser of the holdings company when it was formed in 2005 through merger of Namco and Bandai.