Apple iPad app glitch delays American Airlines flights

U.S. (Next Media) – A glitch with the iPads used by American Airlines pilots for their flight plans recently delayed dozens of flights over a period of two days.

The glitch occurred on an iPad app that contains the maps of various airports. American Airlines told Recode that a new version of a runway map for Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport conflicted with an older version of the map stored on the pilots’ iPads, causing the iPads to power down unexpectedly.

“That’s why it was not system-wide or a fleet-type problem,” American Airlines spokesman Casey Norton told Recode. “It’s when the pilot accessed a particular map.”

A total of 74 American Airlines flights were delayed by the glitch on Tuesday and Wednesday, CNN Money reported.

American Airlines was one of the first major airlines to use iPad for flight plans and navigation in a bid to save fuel costs.

SOURCES: Recode, Quartz, AppleInsider, CNN Money