LG Electronics launches G6 phone at the Mobile World Congress

LG expects the new water resistant G6 to stand out from Chinese competition.

BARCELONA, SPAIN (FEBRUARY 25, 2017) (REUTERS) – LG Electronics launched their new G6 phone on Sunday (February 26) in Barcelona introducing a water resistant feature for the first time in a G series whilst keeping the needs of the average customer in mind.

The Korean company expects the thin bezel phone to be one of the main attractions in Barcelona’s 2017 Mobile World Congress which kicks off on Monday (February 27).

LG Senior Director of Communications Ken Hong hopes the G6 can match the good reception the G5 had in last year’s congress.

“People are telling us we are the big news on the show and that was the case last year as well. I think there’s a lot of interest on LG the brand, as well as on our phones. Our expectations, we don’t want to get them too high but we are very optimistic that there’s a lot of attention on LG at this show,” he said after the presentation.

The phone rocks a 5.7 inch QHD+ screen with a 18:9 aspect ratio minimizing the bezels and giving more real estate to users.

“It’s got an 18:9 display which is a two to one, so it double the length, as the width. that’s a new feature. Most phones nowadays are 16 to nine and this is a 18 to nine ratio, it just gives you more real estate when you are watching movies or tv shows,” Hong said at a closed presentation on Saturday (February 25). “You can see more or when you are taking photos, you can see, not only the image that you are taking, but also you can see all the photos you’ve already taken. The battery is extra large it’s embedded, and it’s also dust and water resistant, so obviously it can go underwater 1.5 metres for thirty minutes which is the first in a G series phone,” Hong said.

LG says they got the feedback from average users and they tailored the G6 to their needs.

“In the beginning everybody was trying to get the fastest and the thinnest, and the biggest, so there was a race to see who could do the best phone first. That’s changing now, now people know what they want, people know what it is in a phone that they want to use. So we are talking to them, we are asking them, they are not interested in the same things as let’s say early adopters or somebody who is a “techie” and that’s who we are trying to target with the G6,” Hong said.

The phone sports last year´s Snapdragon 821 processor, 4GB of RAM and a dual 13mpx camera including a wide angle.

China’s mobile companies are moving fast and growing globally.

With Huawei and One Plus fighting to get the best performance for the price in recent years LG claims their products still stand out among the competition.

“I mean the Chinese manufacturers are strong, they are very good and we don’t want to ignore their presence. At the same time we have our own DNA, we have our own strategy to follow and we hope consumers recognize the difference between LG phones and some of our competitors coming from China and, if they don’t, maybe we have to try harder. But right know we think LG phones do stand out amongst the competition,” Hong said.

LG´s new flagship features Google Assistant and Android 7.0 Nougat.