Thousands take to New York streets to protest against science budget cuts

China Global Television Network (CGTN) – Tens of thousands of science and research advocates took to the streets of New York on Saturday to promote greater understanding of science and protest against their work being compromised by proposed federal budget cuts.

The March for Science, with coincided with Earth Day, began with a rally at 10:30. An estimated number of over 30,000 people filled up at least a dozen blocks north of the Trump International Hotel at noon.

Marchers held aloft placards with slogans such as “Don’t hate, educate,” and “There is no planet B” as they sought to spread their message.

As the massive crowd walked down to Broadway and on to midtown Manhattan, chants of “Science makes America great” rippled down the street. A 2.5-kilometer stretch of Broadway was also closed to cars for the march.

Many of those active in the march were university students and teachers, as well as many who work at research institutions. Some dressed for the occasion in their lab robes while others sought to make their point clear by donning shirts coated with arithmetic formula.

The event was initiated online by U.S. scientists in response to fears over the Trump administration’s policies. A budget proposal released on March 16 looked set to cut down funding on the departments of agriculture, labor and the environmental protection agency, while increasing the budget for the departments of defense and homeland security.

Many scientists are concerned these moves mean they will be marginalized and that many scientific programs will be canceled to give way to political purposes.