5 reasons why every company should have Android Enterprise Essentials

Want to know why Android Enterprise Essentials is the mobile security solution that’s right for your business? Here are the top five reasons:

It prevents human error, a major cause of data breaches
Essentials keeps your data safe by enforcing screenlocks, blocking unsafe apps and allowing you to wipe devices remotely if they are lost or stolen.
It’s extremely simple to use
Anyone, no matter their skill level, can use Essentials without any training. It’s a simple out-of-the-box solution that runs automatically, even if a device is factory reset.
It won’t drain IT resources
Everything is easily managed via a central portal, which will most likely only be used if a device needs to be wiped or a screen lock reset.
It’s affordable
At an estimated purchase price of just $2 per device per month, Essentials is suited to even small business budgets.
It’s made by Google
Essentials is built by the world’s experts in mobile computing, with years of experience creating secure solutions for enterprises all over the globe.

Contact an Android partner and order Essentials today.