Chinese hackers breach US military and intelligence data

U.S. (Next Media) – Hackers with suspected links to the Chinese government appear to have accessed personal information on US intelligence and military personnel, US officials said.

Details emerged of a major hack of up to four million federal government employees’ personal information last week, but now officials have disclosed information about a second breach.

The agency involved, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), has yet to comment on the reports.

US officials did not acknowledge the second hack at the time of the initial announcement.

“During the investigation into the cyber-intrusion of OPM that compromised personnel records of current and former federal employees announced last week, investigators became aware of an additional intrusion affecting different OPM systems and data,” a senior administration official told CNN.

Officials believe hackers targeted forms submitted by intelligence and military personnel for security clearances.

A 127-page vetting document called Standard Form 86 may have been accessed.

The form includes personal information such as eye color, financial history, to past substance abuse, as well as contact information for friends and family.

It is also believed the first hack announced last week of four million employees affected could be as high as 14 million, said officials close to the investigation.

SOURCES: BBC, CNN, Defense One