Aussie wins 2015 Rubik’s Cube championship in Brazil

(Reuters) – Faster than you can say 2015 Rubik’s Cube World Championship….

Australian Feliks Zemdegs is the winner of this year’s competition in Sao Paulo, Brazil after solving the famous block puzzle in a mere 5.695 seconds.

Zemdegs, who also won last year, was just short of the world record of 5.25 seconds held by an American.


“Firstly the competition was really really awesome, well-run, the venue was really nice, all the people were really nice. The win was also really nice as well. Because I won last time, I was sort of less nervous this time because I had already won one so that sort of helped a bit, but yeah it was obviously really cool.”

The event features 17 different competitions with “speedcubers” racing for the best time in each category.

Rubik’s Cubes of all sizes are featured, including this 5x5x5 puzzle.

The event is held every two years. This year marks the eighth competition.