Google helps elephants, volunteers help stranded pets

(NVO) – It’s a tall tale in Australia for this giraffe who set off on a 1,300-mile journey from the Perth Zoo to another zoo in the land down under.

Staff say it took six months of training to get the animal acclimatized to the crate. But it worked!

This isn’t a video game but a game reserve. Google launched its Street View technology in Kenya’s Samburu National Park to help protect animals from poachers.

Wildlife experts say they hope the technology will make surveillance of wildlife more efficient.

That’s the sound of freedom for four young sea lions.

They were returned to the wild after being rescued and treated by marine biologists in Peru… who say their sickness – due to El Nino weather – is a thing of the past.

Speaking of healthy — Brazil’s first white lion.

But staff at the southern Brazilian zoo say the cub needed several months of TLC… which zookeepers compare to caring for a new-born baby!

It’s a close call for these kitties in California, rescued by a Veterinary Medicine professor.

Dr. John Madigan and a handful of volunteers are providing relief for stranded pets and livestock after wildfires ravaged the Middletown area.

…Taking care of the creatures while firefighters take care of the nearby flames.