Westwood bends gender rules at Paris Fashion Week

With a label rebranded to include her husband’s name, British punk legend Vivienne Westwood shows a unisex collection at Paris Fashion Week.

PARIS, FRANCE (Reuters) – Vivienne Westwood continued to blur the lines of gender at her latest show in Paris on Saturday (March 5), showing dresses and high heels on men and traditionally male cuts on women.

The radical designer has always championed a unisex approach to dressing – saying that couples sharing a wardrobe is good for the environment. Westwood emphasised that her latest collection was not a reaction to the discussions surrounding transgender rights in recent months, but that she’s always believed that clothes are for everyone.

Saturday’s show was also the first to give her husband and design partner Andreas Kronthaler top billing. The pair have worked together for over 25 years – and it was announced just before fashion week that the Westwood Gold Label collection will be renamed Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood. She said she believes her husband is the greatest designer in the world – although she continues to be his muse.