World Teachers’ Day honors educators worldwide

(REUTERS) – Monday, October 5th marks the 21st annual World Teachers’ Day.

The initiative, started by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization or UNESCO, highlights educators’ efforts worldwide to teach children in all kinds of adverse conditions: intimidation in Pakistan, conflict in Syria or poverty in Vietnam.

Many schools are short on teachers, chairs, electricity or books.

Some are even without buildings.

But teachers are still dedicated to teaching.

And children seem willing to learn anywhere: classes around the globe are held in corridors, onboard boats, and under the searing sun.

While the number of children going to primary school has increased, roughly 120 million around the world still do not attend.

To reach the goal of universal primary education by 2020, UNESCO says more than 12.5 million teachers will need to be recruited.

World Teachers’ Day calls for countries to look at and address teachers’ issues and to empower them with training and support as key steps towards that 2020 goal.