Abandoned child survives suckling milk from his dog in Chile

A hungry toddler suckles straight from a dog in Chile in an extreme case of abandonment in the South American nation.

ARICA, CHILE (SEPTEMBER 03, 2015) (TVN) – A two-year old boy has been taken into protective care after a neighbour found him feeding on milk from the teat of her pregnant dog in Chile, local media reported.

The toddler was found by officers in a scrap metal yard for vehicles in the region of Arica close to the border with Peru.

Officer Diego Gajardo, who arrived at the scene, said the boy was in a state of abandonment.

“He was found in an obvious state of abandonment because of his exposed torso and he was sucking on the breast milk of a dog,” he said.

Neighbour Lory Escudero reported the case to the police after she witnessed the boy suckling on her pregnant dog.

“We have our dog who is there and she’s pregnant. The hungry boy suckled on the dogs teats for milk, said Escudero.

“Everyone that is here, we’re all parents and if you saw what we saw from my position as a woman, as a mother, it was terrible,” she added.

The case has caused popular outrage in Chile, with welfare officials stepping in to take custody of the child.

“On the shores of a beach in Europe we saw a dead child floating, an immigrant child, but here in Chile in broad daylight this completely inhumane situation is occurring,” said Marcela Labrana from Sename, Chile’s National Service for Minors.

According to official statistics, more than 34 thousand Chilean children are handed over to protective custody, more than 16 thousand due to abandonment.