Alexander the Great-era treasure found in Israel

(R Reports) – Two thousand, three hundred-year-old treasure recovered in northern Israel — the first of its kind to be found from the period of Alexander the Great.

Hikers discovered the horde in a narrow crevice in a cave.

It includes two silver coins minted during the conqueror’s reign and several pieces of silver jewelry.

Eitan Klein from the Israel Antiquities Authority says the exact location of the cave is being withheld to avoid potential looting.

Eitan Klein, Israel Antiquities Authority,

“The two hordes can teach us about a new phenomenon that we just now beginning to understand it about refugees who escaped into natural caves in the Galilee and that was during the time of Alexander the Great or maybe after his death.”

Alexander the Great led a military campaign throughout the Middle East and parts of Asia and died in Babylonia, present day Iraq, in 323 B.C.