Another mass brawl erupts at Berlin refugee shelter

German police make several arrests after a mass brawl erupts among several hundred migrants and security personnel at a Berlin refugee shelter, the second such incident in the German capital in 24 hours.

BERLIN, GERMANY (NOVEMBER 29, 2015) (REUTERS) – German police made several arrests on Sunday (November 29) after a mass brawl erupted at a refugee shelter between migrants and security personnel.

According to police, well over 100 officers were deployed to the former Tempelhof airport premises where some several hundred people were involved in the fight, according to police.

Police did not immediately have figures for the number of arrests.

“We received the alarm around noon when fights broke out during food distribution,” said Berlin police spokesman Carsten Mueller.

Three people were injured, police said.

“Whether there are ethnic reasons involved or not I can’t say,” Michael Elias, the head of the Tempelhof shelter, told reporters.

“This is about a lot of young men travelling on their own. This led to the aggression being let out in all directions so that we withdrew. I asked security to pull back because the situation simply exploded,” Elias said.

According to him, some 830 people live on the premises, among them more than 100 children.

“There are Afghans here, Iraqis and Syrians who make up the majority of the people who live in these halls,” he said.

Sunday’s incident follows a similar row at another refugee shelter in Berlin’s Spandau district where less than 24 hours earlier, 80 officers were deployed after migrants destroyed windows, threw furniture and emptied fire extinguishers, according to police.

Up to a million asylum seekers are expected to come to Germany this year, more than to any other European country and living conditions at many shelters are crammed.