Armed mugging of South African reporter caught on camera

A reporter is mugged in Johannesburg by two men, one armed with a gun, as he is about to start a live news bulletin about Zambian President Edgar Lungu’s hospital treatment.

MIL PARK – JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA (MARCH 10, 2015) (SABC) – Two muggers, one armed with a gun, were caught on camera on Tuesday (March 10) night robbing a South African journalist as he prepared for a live television report on Zambian President Edgar Lungu’s treatment in a Johannesburg hospital.

The video shows the men pacing around SABC correspondent Vuyo Mvoko as he prepares to speak to the camera, before demanding his belongings and a scuffle ensues.

Off camera they took three mobile phones from the journalist and his colleagues and a laptop before making off as Mvoko is heard shouting “We’re being mugged.”

Later recounting the event in the studio, Mvoko said: “I was wondering, I mean who could like possibly you know disturb me while they know that we are like literally seconds before going on air and that was these guys, so they were trying to so, he was looking for the phone so whether I wasn’t giving him the phone and he calls the other one who has a gun to say (zulu) “shoot this dog”, something like that, you know. So, at that point, like Sophia screamed like just give him the phone you know, so I give him the phone and then they took I think two or three phones, my phone Sophia’s phone I can’t remember who else’s phone. But also the laptop that we were using to like doing the crossings, that was linked to the van, a DSNG van that we were using, and they just disappeared.”.

The incident is just one of scores of often violent crimes, including rape, robberies, and murder, recorded every day in South Africa, earning it a place among the most violent countries in the world outside a war zone.

Zambia’s Lungu, 58, is in South Africa for medical tests after he fell ill at the weekend with a suspected narrowing of his food pipe.