Briton who helped overpower gunman: “I’m probably going to die”

(I-TELE AND REUTERS / CHRISTINA CATHLEEN COONS)- A British man who was with three Americans, including two U.S. servicemen who helped subdue a Kalashnikov-toting gunman on a high speed train from Amsterdam to Paris, said that given the circumstances, there were no other options.

“I think it was actually very rapid reasoning,” Chris Norman told reporters. “He had a Kalashnikov. He had a magazine-full. I don’t know how many magazines he had. And, my thought was, okay, I’m probably going to die anyway, so, let’s go. I’d rather die being active, trying to get him down, than simply sit in the corner and be shot.”

By Saturday, U.S. Airman First Class Spencer Stone was recovering from knife wounds in a hospital in France a day after the attack, being thanked for foiling what the French government called an attempted terrorist attack.

Stone was one of three young American friends who helped overpower the suspected Islamist militant.

Among the other passengers who helped stop the attacker were Stone’s friends: National Guardsman Alek Skarlatos and another American, student Anthony Sadler. Skarlatos had returned last month from a tour of duty in Afghanistan and the three were on holiday together in Europe.

One passenger was hit by a bullet, and was in a serious but stable condition, authorities said.

French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve, President Francois Hollande and U.S. President Barack Obama hailed the passengers as heroes.