Calais migrant camp numbers double to 6,000

(REUTERS) – They call this camp in Calais on France’s north coast “The Jungle.”

Only a few weeks ago, it housed about 3-thousand people, but French authorities say the population has now doubled, as more migrants come in and fewer are able to move on across the channel to the United Kingdom.

As winter approaches, inhabitants of the makeshift camp say the falling temperatures are making life harder.

So is the language barrier that divides migrants from different countries, according to 27-year-old Muhamad, from Sudan.


“And life sometimes – nationalities fighting, Sudan against Afghanistan are fighting, all kind of sometimes little things, because I don’t understand what you are saying and he doesn’t understand what you are saying,”

French authorities say Pas-de-Calais was receiving more asylum requests than any other French department – 2,100 since the start of the year.

That’s up from 900 last year and 300 the year before.

The influx of migrants has prompted some Calais residents to try to leave, according to this man who works at a furniture removal company.


“I know people who want to move away but their problem is that they can’t sell their homes. There are migrants so people don’t dare buy.”

Britain’s interior ministry declined to comment on the growing number of migrants and those who fled war and poverty in Africa and the Middle East now sit in limbo in France.