Counting gets underway in UK election

Counting gets underway in Britain’s national election, with exit polls indicating Prime Minister David Cameron’s Conservatives are on course to win the most seats in parliament.

WITNEY, ENGLAND, UNITED KINGDOM (MAY 7, 2015) (UK POOL) – Vote counting has begun in constituencies across Britain in what has been dubbed the closest general election in a generation.

A broadcasting exit poll suggested British Prime Minister David Cameron’s Conservatives are on course to win the most seats in parliament but will be just shy of an outright majority, the majority of opinion polls in the run up to the vote have showed the race to be a lot closer than the exit poll suggested.

The poll put the Conservatives on 316 seats and the main opposition Labour Party on 239. The Scottish National Party (SNP) is set to win 58 seats, all but wiping Labor out in its former Scottish stronghold.

The centrist Liberal Democrats, who have governed in coalition with the Conservatives for the past five years, will get just 10 seats in the 650-seat Westminster parliament, according to the poll released by national broadcasters.

However, the combined total of 326 for the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats indicated that Cameron should be able to stay in office, maybe with the support of another small party.

Before the election, opinion polls had shown the two biggest parties neck-and-neck in a vote that could help determine the future of Britain’s relationship with the European Union and the place of Scotland within the United Kingdom.

The UK Independence Party, which wants an immediate British withdrawal from the EU, is on track to get two seats, the exit poll showed.