Brazilian police nab Italian man wanted in Italy for mafia connections

Brazilian police say they have captured an Italian man with mafia connections who has been on the run since 1986 in northeastern Brazil.

RECIFE, BRAZIL (MAY 26, 2015) (POLICE) – Brazilian police on Tuesday (May 26) said they captured an Italian man wanted in Italy for more than 20 years for connections to the Italian mafia.

Pasquale Scotti was convicted in Italy in 1991 for more than 20 murders in addition to weapons charges, extortion and other crimes.

The 56-year-old was captured by Brazilian Police working with Interpol.

A release from Brazil’s Federal Police said the man was captured on Tuesday in Recife in northeast Brazil where he used a fake identity and had integrated into society presenting himself as a businessman.

The report said the crimes he is wanted for were carried out between 1980 and 1983 and that he had been on the run since 1986.

The Italian citizen is expected to be extradited to his home country once a formal report is filed by Italy.

Local reports indicated Scotti had lived in Recife for 28 years and fathered two children with a Brazilian woman in that time.