Brazilian radio presenter shot on set

Police arrest two men over the fatal shooting of a radio presenter whilst recording his show in the north of Brazil.

CEARA, BRAZIL (TV DIARO) – Brazilian police arrested two men on Friday (August 7) suspects in the fatal shooting of a radio presenter whilst he was on set recording his show.

Gleydson Carvalho was shot on Thursday (August 6) morning as he recorded his show for Liberdade FM in the northern town of Camocim, 379 kilometres (235 miles) from Fortaleza.

He was shot once in the head and twice in the chest, and died en route to hospital.

According to witnesses the criminals told the receptionist they had a message for the presenter, who was playing a musical intermission at the time.

Studio operator, Ricardo Farias, said they then burst into the studio, shooting Carvalho three times.

“I was in the studio operating Gleydson Carvalho’s show, and a guy opened the door and shot him three times. I heard the three shots but I did not see anything because they told me to hide so I got back behind the table,” said Farias.

Carvalho was known to denounce individuals on his show, and police are investigating the possibility of a revenge attack.

“We are absolutely certain that it was murder. They did not even steal his mobile phone and only took a small amount of money that his partner had, so we are sure it was murder,” said Police Delegate Herbert Ponte e Silva.

A fellow radio presenter and friend of Carvalho’s told local media that he had received threats during his live shows.