Ex-policeman convicted of murder in cannibalism website killing

Court sentences former police-office for murdering and chopping up a man he met on the internet.

HARTMANNSDORF-REICHENAU, GERMANY (NOVEMBER 29, 2013)(REUTERS) – A Dresden court has sentenced a former policeman to eight years and six months in prison after finding him guilty of killing a man he found on an internet site devoted to cannibalism fetischisms.

Detlev G. was found guilty of ‘murder and disturbing the peace of the dead’ – police had found the chopped-up body of a man he met on a fetishist website for cannibalism buried in his garden in 2013.

Dresden police said Detlev G and his victim met through an online chat room on the website ‘Zambian meat’. They had had intensive contact via email, text messages, but also over the telephone and arranged a meeting for November 4. The victim was said to have wanted to be “slaughtered”.

After meeting at the central train station in Dresden, they went to the accused’s address, a bed and breakfast near the Czech border, and agreed on the killing, the prosecution said.

According to German media, the defense team had argued the victim had hanged himself. There was no evidence that any act of cannibalism had taken place.

Detlev G told police he caused a life threatening injury to the victim with a knife, which also caused the death of the victim. Afterwards he chopped up the victim in various pieces and buried the body parts in the grounds.

The investigation recalled the case of Armin Meiwes, dubbed the “Cannibal of Rothenburg”, who killed and ate a man who had advertised on the Internet for someone to kill him “and leave no trace”. Meiwes, who filmed the act, received a life sentence in 2006.