Former British MP denies child sex abuse allegations

Former British Member of Parliament , Harvey Proctor denies that he was involved in a Westminster pedophile ring during the 1980s.

LONDON, ENGLAND, UNITED KINGDOM (AUGUST 25, 2015) (REUTERS) – Former British Conservative Member of Parliament Harvey Proctor hit out against allegations that he was involved in a high-profile Westminster pedophile network on Tuesday (August 25).

Proctor was on Monday (August 24) interviewed by police who are investigating the allegations.

One victim claimed the Tory lawmaker was present at and involved in the sexual abuse and murder of underage boys at Dolphin Square, an apartment complex in central London, near parliament.

Proctor called the allegations “heinous calumny”.

“They amount to just about the worst allegations anyone can make against another person including, as they do, multiple murder of children, their torture, grievous bodily harm, rape and sexual abuse. I am completely innocent of all these allegations,” Proctor told a news conference in central London.

He resigned from the House of Commons in 1987, after pleading guilty to charges of gross indecency with two teenage male prostitutes, who were at that time under the legal age of 21 for homosexual consent.

News website Exaro has been investigating sexual abuse claims. Its editor-in-chief, Mark Watts, was at the news conference.

”The allegations have been made by a person who the police have dubbed with a pseudonym, ”Nick”. He appears on television with a blacked out face, an actor’s voice. All of this is connected with alleged historical child sexual abuse in the 1970s and 1980s. Nick was interviewed by the police in the presence of a reporter from Exaro – an odd internet news agency,” Proctor told journalists.

Proctor said that Nick had alleged that Proctor and a number of high profile former politicians including the late former Prime Minister, Edward Heath, former British Home Secretary Leon Brittain, Labour peer Lord Janner, former chief of staff Lord Bramall, Maurice Oldfield and Sir Michael Hanley, former heads of the intelligence services, MI5 and MI6 and General Sir Hugh Beach, were part of an establishment-run, VIP pedophile gang.

Nick claims that himself and other children suffered systematic rape and torture from a young age over several years at locations across the capital and south of England.

Proctor quoted documents he said police had shown him, in which Nick claimed that three boys were murdered and that Proctor had been involved.

Police officers searched Proctor’s home in March, as part of Operation Midland – the investigation into historic allegations of sex abuse and murders by VIPs and politicians at the Elm Guest House in west London, Dolphin Square and a number of other addresses across the south east of England – launched by the Metropolitan Police Force in November 2014.

Proctor accused the police of getting the operation ”disastrously wrong” and questioned the mental well-being of the alleged victim.

”Nick should be medically examined to ensure he is of sound mind. Detective Superintendent Kenny McDonald should resign from his position as Head of ‘Operation Midland’. He should resign or be sacked,” he said.

Proctor added that he had ”nothing to fear” and urged any witnesses with allegations against him to come forward.

The former MP had previously denied the allegations and in an article for Britain’s ‘The Independent on Sunday’ newspaper in May, he wrote that he had doubts that a sex ring had ever existed in Westminster.

The investigations into the abuse scandal were launched two years ago when the Labour MP for West Bromwich, Tom Watson, raised the issue of historical sex abuse in parliament.

It has since expanded into inquiries into historical paedophile rings involving politicians, public officials and other high-profile figures.

It has led to some accusations from media and victims of an establishment cover-up.