Former CNN journalists involved in shootings at motel in New Mexico

USA (Next Media) – Former CNN journalist Lynne Russell was involved in a shooting that took place at a Motel 6 in Albuquerque, New Mexico on Tuesday night when she and her husband, Chuck de Caro — also a former CNN reporter — were attacked by an armed robber.

Russell told local media that she and her husband were driving from Washington D.C. to California when they stopped for the night at the motel. She left the room to get something from the car when she was approached by an armed man, who forced her back into the room, where her husband had just come out from the shower, according to San Antonio Express News.

“He pushed me into the room and that’s when my husband came out of the shower and saw what was happening,” Russell told KOB-TV. “We tried to calm him, confuse him and do everything we could do to just come out of it in one piece.”

The robber told the couple that his girlfriend had been kidnapped and he needed money or valuables, according to San Antonio Express News.

The couple, who both have concealed weapons permits, had brought two guns with them on the trip which they had placed in the bedside table. San Antonio Express News reported that Russell was able to place one of the weapons into her purse and handed it to de Caro while the two were searching for items the suspect might want.

Local media reports say when the robber began opening fire when de Caro hesitated to give him his briefcase. De Caro managed to use the gun in Russell’s purse to return fire, emptying the gun of all six bullets, sustaining gunshot wounds to the abdomen, lower abdomen, and leg in the process, according to San Antonio Express News.

Russell said she had to dive behind a piece of furniture to avoid being hit, San Antonio Express News reported.

Police said they found the the suspect in the motel parking lot and transported him to a hospital, where he later died. De Caro is expected to recover from his wounds.


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